TM - Award Notification - Caritas - 10092021

Oct. 12, 2021

Technomania is pleased to announce that it was awarded a contract by CARITAS LEBANON to supply the latest model of ATEAM 8" 4G LTE Tablets (867 units).


Ateam electronics, having its headquarters in Dubai, is a renowned brand of UAE, specializing in bringing innovative products as per the needs and desire of our customers. The company started its operation from 2008 and were initially focused in Corporate B2B sales particularly in semi-government organizations of UAE. The company has a profound experience of designing, manufacturing, marketing, sale and customer support of high quality and innovative products that brings change in people’s lives. Now Ateam electronics is highly focused on MENA region with an extensive and innovative distribution network and model. Our company has always thrived to develop an influential difference in everyday lives of our customers. The team working with us are highly dedicated and committed in providing innovative but user friendly products for our customers. Throughout our vast experience, we have faced different challenges and hurdles but with the help of our motivated and dedicated management and employees, Ateam has never disappointed its client and has always worked on improving better service then before.