Tender Award Notification - ISOC - Zahret El Ihsan

Feb. 11, 2021

Technomania is pleased to announce that it was awarded a contract by ISOC (Internet Society) - Lebanon Chapter (# RFQ-ISCO-2021-001) to supply the “Zahret El Ihsan School” (# RFQ-ISOC-2021-001) with ACER notebooks and CTRONIQ tablets.

About ISOC

ISOC Lebanon is the Lebanese Chapter for the Internet Society.

ISOC Lebanon is a Lebanese non-¬‐governmental organization, registered in December 2012, with the purpose of maintaining and extending the development and availability of the Internet and its associated technologies and applications to all the people of Lebanon.
Chapter members are the local Internet stakeholders representing the interests of and serving the Lebanese Internet community.

As part of its activities ISOC Lebanon is participating in the relief efforts by helping students who lost their homes and computers in the aftermath of the August 4, 2020 Beirut Port blast by providing them with laptop and/or tablets that are critically needed to permit them to attend their school’s online classes.